Dance Energy

There was a time when dance music had a hard time getting onto TV. That all changed around 1990 – leading the charge was Dance Energy. 

Part of BBC2’s ‘yoof’ slot, it quickly became a must-watch programme for anyone interested in black and dance music – a mix of location reports, interviews and performances in front of a hilariously hyped-up crowd.

My memories include:

  • a ‘challenging’ interview with KRS-1. I’d met him a few years earlier when I photographed him for Soul Underground, but he’d become a whole lot stranger since then – a big fan of conspiracy theories and prone to portentous proclamations.
  • a report on the ‘Madchester‘ scene, which ranged from the sublime (Factory Records) to the ridiculous (the unbelievably tacky Joe Bloggs baggy jeans empire)
  • visiting New York to cover rap music and graffiti – including an interview with a rapper so incoherent that it was removed from the report