'Lifeforms' table
This piece took a while. It’s big – around 1200mm diameter – and incorporates a lot of different cutting techniques and design elements, none of which I was too certain about in the early stages of making it.

It was made using the  indirect method, in which the mosaic is made in reverse on strong brown paper, held in place using a weak glue. One huge advantage is that it allows for experimentation – if a section looks wrong, you can simply cut it out, patch in some new paper, and try a different approach.

I wanted to give an impression of various cell-like forms floating on a fluid background. I chose unglazed ceramic for its muted, soft, ‘organic’ quality, and included small areas of glass to create visual highlights.

I started this mosaic at a West Dean Summer School, and continued it over three long, long months!

Making the mosaic, step by step – click on any image for a slideshow with descriptions